LDAP on Qnap

Setting up an LDAP Server on Qnap turbo TS-412

Login to the admin of the Qnap Nas with the required credentials
Go to the Applications section and choose LDAP Server as below
(if you don’t have an option for LDAP server your firmware will need to be upgraded firmware version: 3.7.3 Build 20120801 will work)



Once the ldap app loads you will need to configure the server  tab first

Once you have enabled the LDAP server and put in a domain name and password click on apply to enable . Then go to the Domain Security link at the bottom of the same page.


From that menu you will need to set the Domain sercurity for file services to LDAP authentication and then configure the type of LDAP server as a Remote LDAP. Put in the ip address or host name for the Nas and a password. The rest should fill itself in but if not you would need to enter the correct search paths. Then hit apply and you will get a pop up about LDAP authentication options.

This configuration is basically asking if you want to use your LDAP user list to control NAS file access and FTP acess. I prefer keeping them separate to prevent people from accidentally having more access then they should. Just hit Finish and you will be returned to the previous screen.
Now Return to the LDAP application in the Nas admin interface and this time select the Users tab. Now you can add a few users . You can also setup groups and add the users to groups but not necessary.  Groups may be more usefull if you user LDAP authentication for file services or have a lot of users to manage. For this example I will just add users to the default group.


Just click on Create a User and follow the wizard to enter as much info as you like. If you created groups you can also assign the new user to a specific group through the wizard. If you wish it is also possible to import users through a CSV file.

Once you have some users you will need to set up your email address book to be able to search the database. Here is how I added to Outlook 2010.

Go to file at the top of outlook . Then click on Account settings and select Account Settings from the drop down list.



Then select the address books tab from the Account Setting pop up.
Now click on new Then select Internet Directory Services (LDAP) and select the Next button

Type in your Qnap servername or IP address and click on the More Settings button

Clicking on the more settings you will get a configuration box as below. Enter the name you want to be displayed in your addressbook for the LDAP server. Then click on the search tab.

On the Search tab click the box for Custom  under the Seach Base and paste in the string from the LDAP Server main configuration page.  (Will look something like ou=people,dc=nas2,dc=systemdoc,dc=local)

Now click on Ok to accept and return to the Directory Service  Settings box.
Now click on Next , the settings will take a few seconds to save and then click on finish and close to return to Outlook. Now close outlook, wait 10 seconds and then reopen outlook so the settings will be active.

Now click on the address book in Outlook or start a new email and click on “TO” to bring up the address books. Now use the drop down arrow at the right to select the new LDAP address book.

Now just type in one of your users and press “Go”. You should now be able to find the users you added.


To import multiple users you can use the batch import function from the user tab of the LDAP configuration. Just create a spreadsheet with the 4 columns as below and save as a csv file.
Just follow the  import wizard and your users will be imported. Unfortunately there aren’t many attributes to set in this ldap server so you can only realy set the name and email address for users.